Vittoria & Eroica together in the name of cycling authenticity

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author By Jos Dyer, 1 month ago

In Vittoria, we support any cyclist to the ride ahead, and we promote cycling as a form of discovery, a way to experience new places and new people. We believe bicycle is the only means allowing people to see many new places at proper speed, slow enough to create unforgettable memories.

Vittoria and Eroica also share the passion for the heritage of cycling. Vittoria was the first manufacturer of cotton tubulars and many epic cycling feats have been accomplished on Vittoria tyres. Vittoria has always been an innovator from its birth in the Fifties, and it was through constant innovation that Vittoria could grow from a small firm in Lombardy into the global leader in bicycle-tyre making and graphene-compound technology it is today. Vittoria still offers a range of high-quality cotton tubulars designed to satisfy any use, off-road included. Cotton-casing tyres are the choice of the professional riders because of the unmatched performances in terms of suppleness, grip and comfort they offer.

For all these reasons, Vittoria will sponsor and support Eroica and Nova Eroica events in the world. Through this collaboration, Vittoria will contribute to the success of Eroica and will provide support to all its riders.

Ernesto Garcia Domingo, Vittoria Chief Commercial Officer, has commented: “Partnering with Eroica has a much broader meaning to us. It means supporting a partner with whom we share a common view of what cycling really is. We were looking forward to collaborating with Eroica, and we are ready to work together to enable all its riders to make new experiences and discoveries on their bikes”.

Nicola Rosin, President of Eroica: “We are proud to have as partner such an historical cycling brand. All through these years, Vittoria have shown to be able to meet the needs of many different types of cyclists. We are sure that this collaboration will be a success for both partners in the Classic world as well as in the NOVA world, which is increasingly relevant to us.”

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